Local government of Dundgobi aimag

The aimag's climate is divided into a few categories. First, is mountain and steppe dry cold climate mostly observed  in the northern parts of Erdenedalai, Delgertsogt, Adaatsag and Deren. Second, extremely dry, warmish desert  like steppe climate that is observed in Delgerhangai, Huld,Luus, Gurvansaikhan, Saikhan-ovoo, Saintsagaan, Gobi-Ugtaal, Bayanjargalan sums and northern parts of Undushil sum. Third extremely dry desert like steppe climate observed in Delgerkhangai, Huld, Ulziit sums and southern parts of Gurvansaikhan sum. Average annual air temperature of southern region is 2-40 C, northern region is 0-(-20)C.  About 100-120 days of the year is cloudless and sun shines for approximately 3000 days in a single year. The surface altitude throughout the region is relatively even, therefore the aimag is considered as windy region and the speed of wind is 3-5m/sec. 

Northern part of the region belongs to dry zone and southern part belongs to desert zone. In the northern and central parts the soil consists of dark, fair umber soil, and the southern part consists of Gobi-gray soil. The land surface is dominated with small hilllocks and mounts that are formed with a mix of carrbon brown and light brown and salty soil. The southern part of the aimag has sandy deserts and valleys.

In the hinder and central parts of the region wild herbacious plants are commonly found. In the onward territories mostly Gobi vegetation dominates the area. There are many woody plants like worm wood, sagebrush, agropyron, wild leek, Mongolian sort of onion, cleistogenes, shrubberry, straw, tumbleweed, goosefoot, nettle, artemisia pectinata, caragana, caragana microphylla, caragana spinosa, saxsual are widely found. Also highly nutritious and piquant plants such as salsola passerina, reaumuria, liquorice, cynanchum grow in this region.  


In accordance with the region's geographical and environmental features many diverse species inhabit in this region. For example; fox, wolf, corsac, marmot, hare, bat, pallas's cat, budger, wildsheep, mountain goat, antelope and black tailed gazelle. Numerious birds such as sparrows,doves, bustards, sandgrouses, cranes, vultures, eagles, falcons, hoopoes and owls are found in this region. 

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