Local government of Dundgobi aimag

Dundgobi province was founded in 1941 with the name of Sharangad in Dersene Us. There were 18 soums in Sharangad province: 8 soums were from Umnugobi, 3 soums were from Dornogobi and 7 soums were from Tuv province. In 1942 name of province was changed with Dundgobi and the province moved to another place where aimag center is located now.

Dundgobi is divided into 15 soums which consist of 66 bags. Soums are divided into three development regions according to the regional development principles of Mongolia.

The border district of our province is 1230 kilometers. The distance from the right point Guchingiin hudag to the left point Huh Del is 125 kilometers and from the north point Har tolgoi to the south point Uvur tsagaan ders is 283 kilometers. It has a total surface area of about 74.7 thousand hectares. All area of the province is in steppe and Gobi region. The steppe rises from 980-153 m above sea level and the highest mountain Delgerkhangai rises to 1913 m above sea level.


Dundgobi has a lot of notables. Hero of Mongolia -3, labor hero-16, Holder of Mongolia Honor artist+9, Holder of the State prize-10, Holder of meritorious awards-120, scientists-19, titled wrestlers -12, champion horse trainer-8, and writers of state prize -11.

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